Anymore lovers feel mush

QUESTION: I’ve been with my husband for 22 years and we still have plenty of sex — but he doesn’t kiss me. He might give me a quick peck on the lips, but we haven’t had a proper kiss for years. I feel that a crucial element has been removed from my love life. What shall I do?
Rowan advises a woman who is concerned that, although she and he husband have plenty of sex, he doesnt kiss her anymore (picture posed by models) ANSWER: There’s nothing like smooching to make even the oldest lovers feel like teenagers. But in my experience (and your letter bears this out), men tire of kissing first — while the desire to lock lips haunts us women to the grave.A kiss represents the first glimpse of a man’s capacity for tenderness. There’s something about the unexpected softness of male lips that reduces a woman to mush. A great kiss is an intimation of what’s to come. However, a bad kiss can doom a relationship before it’s begun.Yet a 2011 survey for the British Heart Foundation found that a fifth of married couples go a week without kissing.Most men I know don’t put much dewy-eyed emphasis on kissing — they’re more likely to monitor the frequency of sexual encounters. But for women, we view kissing as vital for love-making, so it’s hurtful when our blokes abandon the fine art.Your husband needs a gentle reminder that continued courtship is necessary for marital satisfaction. And you need to fathom why he’s become so reluctant to kiss you. Is he worried about his oral hygiene or (perish the thought!) yours? These things can be fixed — but not if you don’t talk about it.Or perhaps he has become shy about face-to-face intimacy? If so, start practising. Can you steal a kiss in front of the TV to get him back into the habit?One thing is for certain — you’ll have to take the driving seat or settle for fewer smooches than you desire. No man kisses with conviction if driven beyond his comfort zone.
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Squad centre card us

Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini has spoken to Sportsmails Pete Jenson ahead of their Champions League last-16 showdown with Barcelona.Here are the top 10 quotes from the interview with the Chilean boss.
Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini has spoken to Sportsmails Pete Jenson  Pellegrini on Manchester Citys triumphs last season going unrecognised We were fighting on all fronts. We won the Capital One Cup, reached the quarter-finals of the FA Cup, played in the Champions League and we won the League scoring 157 goals. Liverpool only had one competition and thats an enormous advantage. Pellegrini on Liverpool getting the attentionThe slip from (Steven) Gerrard? They lost that game 2-0, not 1-0. If he had not slipped, does it end in a draw? Wed still have been two points ahead of them. So why was it Liverpool losing the league and not us winning it?Pellegrini on being told to buy English players‘It is important to have English players but can you sign them? Can you get (Raheem) Sterling? Maybe if you go to Liverpool with £100million you can. If I want an English player in the position of (David) Silva who is there? Maybe (Wayne) Rooney, but who else?Pellegrini on European silverwareManchester United in all of that great era under (Sir Alex) Ferguson only won two Champions Leagues. Real Madrid went 32 years without winning the European Cup. It is important to be there in the later rounds but you cant think that not being there is a disaster.
Pellegrini poses with the Premier League trophy in May 2014 after he saw his team win the titlePellegrini on BarcelonaYou can talk about tactics and technique but if you go a man down against Barcelona, youre put in a terrible position. It is not a disgrace to get knocked out by them. Their squad, if it is not the best in the world, it is the second best. No other team can put together Leo Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez but I want to play them with 11 and if they knock us out then let that be because they were better than us. Pellegrini on his days as a centre back before becoming a managerIf you want to say I was a disaster of a player then say it. But give me another disaster of a player who played almost 500 games across 14 years. Pellegrini on Manchester Citys richesThis year Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United have all spent more than us. People dont accept that we are trying to become a big club in a very short time. I dont think theres such a difference between the top five or six squads. Previous
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